Sleeping Bear Press proudly introduces

I Am A Reader!

three beginning reader series featuring Tugg and Teeny by J. Patrick Lewis, illustrated by Christopher Denise, Frog and Friends written by Eve Bunting and illustrated by Josée Masse, and Digger and Daisy written by Judy Young and illustrated by Dana Sullivan.

Although these books are beginning chapter books for newly independent readers, any child can enjoy the stories with the proper support. This website includes helpful information about beginning reading strategies, story introductions, activities, and tips to help children learn to read.

Story Introduction for “A Great Gusting Mystery”

 This script is to be used to help you introduce the story to your child.  When children begin to read a story for the first time, it is very helpful for them to take a “picture walk” through the text.  By looking at the pictures from the whole story, children make predictions about the setting, the characters, and the events. During this picture walk you can take the opportunity to draw attention to certain events, introduce characters, present new vocabulary terms, and help your child locate unfamiliar words in the text.  This will allow your child to be much more successful when reading the story for the first time.

As you use this introduction:

  • Follow the instructions in italics.
  • Say or ask the text that is in bold
  • Answers to questions are in plain text.

This book is Tugg and Teeny Jungle Surprises written by J. Patrick Lewis and illustrated by Christopher Denise.  Let’s read the first story, which is called “A Great Gusting Mystery.”


The main characters in this book are Tugg, a gorilla, and his best friend Teeny, a monkey.  Tugg and Teeny have lots of jungle friends.

Open the book to page 1.  Allow your child to hold the book while you look at the pictures together.  As you look at the pictures, encourage your child to predict what he/she thinks will happen and what the story is about.  On specific pages, stop to introduce a character or an unfamiliar word.


Page 1:  The title is “A Great Gusting Mystery.”  Do you know what “gusting” means? A strong wind.  So this mystery must have something to do with the wind.

Page 2:  What does Tugg have in the picture?  A magnifying glass.  Yes, in this story, Teeny has lost something, and I think Tugg is going to help her find it.

Page 3:  What kind of animal do Tugg and Teeny meet here?  A flamingo.  In this story, her name is Pinkie, and she has lost something, too.


Page 3:  Tugg and Teeny go near the “waterhole” to look for what Teeny has lost.  Do you know what a waterhole is?  An area of water, like a pond, where jungle animals go to get a drink.

Page 5:  What animal is in this picture?  A hippo.  Yes, and her name is Margie Barge.

Pages 7-8: On these pages, Tugg and Teeny are asking other animals for help.  What animals are they asking?  A giraffe, a frog, and a rhinoceros. 

Page 9: On this page, the author describes the wind as “blustery.” That means that a strong wind is blowing.  What letter would you expect to see at the beginning of “blustery?”  B.  Find the word “blustery” so that when you are reading, you’ll know what that word is.

Page 12:  Tugg and Teeny have found lots of thing here.  Who do you think put them in the tree?  Any answer is acceptable.  Encourage the child to read to see if the prediction is correct.

 Now that you have looked at all of the pictures, discussed story elements, and introduced unknown characters and words, go back to the beginning and allow your child to read to you.  Check the “Strategies for Beginning Readers” section of this Web site for ways to assist your child when reading.